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The XcelHERate Women Entrepreneurship Challenge



This Innovation Challenge is an exciting platform designed to foster Innovation and drive positive change

The Challenge objectives include:

Nurture, showcase and reward the entrepreneurial spirit in Women's businesses in Kenya.

Upskill and educate young, innovative women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Entrench values of hard work, determination, resilience and passion in the Kenyan public, especially businesswomen.


The XcelHERate Entrepreneurship Challenge is designed for innovative Kenyan businesswomen who have overcome obstacles to transform their ideas into viable and sustainable businesses:

The qualifications include:

Ownership by Women (at least 51% ownership by a women/women)

Young women entrepreneurs – 18–35 years

Duly registered business with relevant documentation

Minimum Viable Product: The business should have a product or service with enough features to attract and retain customers. It should be beyond the conceptual stage and be in the market already.

Proof of Paying Customers

Must have an already existing business (at least 2 years)

The Challenge Bootcamp



To learn more about how we develop data-driven, research-informed, innovative solutions to complex real-world challenges, visit: www.BizzellGlobal.com.


To learn more about how we provide sustainable solutions that support entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life,visit: www.sndbx.ke.


What do you stand to gain from this competition?

Cash Prizes

The first, second and third placed winners of the competition will receive cash prices from our sponsor, Bizell.

Bootcamp training from SNDBX Experts

The top 20 selected will got through an intense training program designed to help them take advantage of market opportunities to expand grow their businesses effectively.

Business Coaching from SNDBX Experts

The top 20 selected will got through an intense training program designed to help them take advantage of market opportunities to expand grow their businesses effectively.

Media and Publicity

The pitching and award events will have media coverage which will allow your business to get publicity from the media.

Access to the SNDBX Community of Entrepreneurs

SNDBX is home to over 35 entrepreneurs in different fields. The winner will have access to this community for interactions which may lead to collaborations and partnerships.

Access to the SNDBX Workspace

SNDBX will open its doors to the winner of this competition and allow them to operate from the premises.

In Summary

Announcement of Competition and invitation to Submit Applications

Public request for submissions from women-led and women-owned entrepreneurs to present their businesses and the impact of their businesses.


Deep dive into applications to find the best 20 applications. Final 20 applications to receive coaching and participate in the bootcamp.

Announcement of Selection Results

The second round of applications will receive notifications on their innovations accordingly through the platform.


Intensive capacity building consisting of training and coaching including tips to refine presentations for pitching.

Proposal Refinement

Top applicants refine their proposals and resubmit them on the platform.

Final Selection

Determining the top 5 submissions for each of the categories.

Pitching Preparation

Preparation of top applicants for Summit pitching and preparation of pitches

Final Pitch

Final applicants pitch before judges

Winners’ Announcement and Reward

Winners are announced and granted rewards

Post Competition Coaching

Follow-up handholding for winners with relevant SNDBX experts for 3 months

Monitoring and Evaluation

Progress measurement of how far the participants’ have been impacted by the program/challenge.

Selection Criteria

The following are characteristics of business-women that we are looking for:

Business registration and relevant documentation

The business should be registered as a legal entity and posses all the necessary documentation required by local and national authorities, with a minimum of 3 years of business experience.

Ownership by women

The business must be at least 51% owned and controlled by women entrepreneurs or women-led teams.

Scalability of product/business

The business must demonstrate the capacity and potential to grow and succeed in different markets .It should have plans in place to expand its operations and reach a broader customer base.

Ambitious and aspiring business moguls

Entrepreneurs that want to take their businesses to the next level and committed to make their dream and reality.

Sustainable business model

The business should have a viable and sustainable model that ensures continuous revenue generation and growth . It should be capable of withstanding market fluctuations and challenges in the long term.

Proof of paying customers

The business must provide evidence of a solid customer base through a database of paying customers for the product or service it offers.This indicates market demand and validates the business concept.

Social Impact

The business should be dedicated to making a significant , positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge .It should contribute to the betterment of the community in a specific way,such as empowering women,youth,people with disabilities or benefiting the environment.


Business that are disrupting the way things are being done and have come up with a new way of delivering value to their customers.

Contact Us

For more information about this challenge please contact:

Michael Kembo

Business & Product Development,
Mobile: +254 710 571 371
Email: omkembo@sndbxgroup.com
Website: www.sndbx.ke

June Mwangi

Operations Consultant,
Mobile: +254 721 381 904
Email: june@sndbxgroup.com
Website: www.sndbx.ke

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